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How it works

Odisey contains a well-maintained and well-developed infrastructure and professionals who potentially offer profitable sources and methods of investment. We recognize the different needs of users, and we have tremendous investment plans to achieve each goal of users.

Create an account

To participate in the system, you must create an account by following a simple registration procedure. Participation in the system is anonymous, so all you need is the minimum data required to create an account.

Invest in Odisey

After completing the registration, you will have to select the optimal investment program based on the chosen participation strategy. You can make as many deposits as you like under any investment plan. However, changing the plan on the deposit already made is impossible.

Get Profit

The income on all investment plans is charged once a day. The payment is made automatically on the payment details you specified. The income on the deposit is possible only on the payment system with which it was deposited.

What is odisey

About the odisey

The Odisey system is the result of a solid team of professionals: programmers, designers, copywriters, advertising and promotion specialists, as well as experienced traders, investors and entrepreneurs in the broadest sense of the word. Of course, personal qualities were also taken into account when team building, but it was professionalism and competence that were crucial.

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Why a odisey?

Our capabilities

The Odisey system is designed using modern methods of protecting information. And all network traffic transmitted between participants and the system is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption and completely eliminates illegal access to this data. And the Odisey servers are protected .

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Our plans

Having several investment programs will allow you to choose the best option based on your participation goals.

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Affiliate Program

By being active in the development of Odisey, you will receive 7% of the amount of each deposit made by the participants you personally invited, 3% of the contributions of second-line referrals and 1% of the third line.

Affiliate remuneration is automatically paid to your balance immediately after a member from your branch has invested.


Company Certificate

Odisey's Internet resource is the property of the international business company Ground LTD, registered in the UK and operating in accordance with local law and international legal norms.

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